Thursday, May 6, 2010

Air Con in the office

Have you ever had trouble with the temperature in your office? Many office air con systems are either too hot or freezing leaving your employees to rug up in summer or sweat it out in winter.
Having the right temperature in the office is essential to the comfort and productivity of your employees. Being too hot or too cold affects the brains ability to function at its best and that means work will suffer as a result.

An office air con system should be able to regulate the temperature to a level that is comfortable so that employees don’t notice the temperature. A good system should be quiet and visually non offensive.

There are many options that are suitable for an office, the one you choose will depend on the size of your space and how many rooms need heating or cooling.

Some potential options for air con include;

• A wall fitted air con unit
• A heat pump
Underfloor heating system
• A ceiling air con system, or
Ducted air con system

Air con systems and heat pumps also reduce humidity and dust in the air and will contribute to better health within your office.

Getting the balance right with the temperature of your office is essential to creating a more comfortable and therefore more productive working environment.