Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking after your air conditioning system

A small amount of maintenance ensures the long term high performance of you air conditioning system. Regular air conditioning maintenance prevents break downs and ensures your system performs at maximum proficiency.

When you buy a new air con system your provider will outline the maintenance requirements of your specific system. You can perform most air conditioning maintenance tasks by yourself, but some systems require serviced maintenance by a qualified professional to comply with OSH guidelines.

To conduct your own air conditioning maintenance, perform these tasks:

• Shut off the power to your unit before performing any air conditioning maintenance
• Change or clean the furnace filter at least once a month. You may need to change it more often in summer as more particles circulate.
• Check the condensate tube drains freely and there are no leaks in the hose connections.
• Spray the outside compressor with water and wipe away any dust.
• Clean the ducts every few years.
• Check furniture, drapes and plants are standing away from the system.

In addition to these air conditioning maintenance tasks, have your system checked annually by a qualified technician.

It can be easy to neglect air conditioning maintenance, but an improperly maintained system could be causing long-term health problems for your family, as well as emitting sound levels loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss.

With proper air conditioning maintenance, your unit will continue to heat or cool your home for over 15 years. Air conditioning maintenance ensures your system remains cost effective, energy efficient and safe.