Thursday, January 20, 2011

The benefits of an underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it's one of the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally-friendly ways to heat your home.

As opposed to fireplaces, radiators and other heating systems, underfloor heating uses heat conduction to regulate air temperature. Underfloor heating heats evenly over the whole house. By maximising energy output when cooling or heating, underfloor heating systems create a more energy efficient home and reduce your power costs.

If you're building or renovating a property, the cost of installing underfloor heating is low compared to other heating systems. Once the system is installed, it needs little maintenance, and properly installed underfloor heating lasts for the life of a building.

As the entire heating system sits beneath the floor, it creates more space in your home for furniture and artworks. Unlike fireplaces, which can be messy, and radiators, which can be an eyesore, underfloor heating is invisible, allowing you the freedom to decorate your space.

Underfloor heating
drastically reduces dust and particles and improve the air quality, resulting in a cleaner, healthier home. Family members suffering from asthma, allergies, respiratory and sinus problems, fatigue and headaches will notice an instant improvement in their condition.

With no naked flame or exposed part, underfloor heating is completely safe to use with children and pets.

If you're looking for a cost-effective, unobtrusive and comfortable way to heat your home, underfloor heating could be the solution. Hire a professional to assess your home and install your underfloor heating. An improperly-installed system can leak and damage your home, so always trust a qualified underfloor heating expert.