Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Health benefits of air conditioning systems in the home

Although many people think of New Zealand as a tropical paradise, the truth is our weather patterns are changeable and unpredictable. With many homes not properly insulated, Many New Zealanders suffer from health problems as a result of extreme temperature changes.

Installing air conditioning in your home can make a vast improvement on your health. If you suffer from respiratory or sinus problems, allergies to airborne particles, have limited mobility or live in an area of poor air quality, consider the health benefits of installing an air conditioning system:

  • Excessive heat or cold cause long-term stress on the body - headaches, colds, excessive coughing, and other persistent symptoms are often the result of long exposure to extreme temperatures. Installing air conditioning can instantly relieve these stresses.

  • Temperatures and humidity affect how the body works. Too much heat or cold can use up energy, quite rapidly in some cases. The body burns energy trying to regulate its temperature, leaving you feeling fatigued. Using air conditioning to regulate indoor temperatures can help you feel more energised.

  • Air conditioning banishes stale air, bad odours and airborne chemicals, making your home more safe and pleasant to live in.

Even people in good health fall ill from air particulates and temperature changes. Constant stress on your body from extreme temperatures, poor ventilation and harmful air particulates causes your immune system to work overtime, leaving your family vulnerable to more serious health problems.

Air conditioning makes your home a clean, safe and pleasant environment to live in. Even the most basic air conditioning system will drastically improve the quality of life for you and your family.