Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are your air conditioners ready for summer?

With winter behind you and the summer months fast approaching, it's time to take stock of your current air conditioners. To prepare for the onslaught of summer heat, you need to ensure your air conditioners are working the maximum efficiency.

During summer, air conditioners work overtime to rid the air for pollinating spores from plants and flowers. These airborne spores cause asthma, allergies and hay fever. Add this to the heat of New Zealand summer, and it's not surprising more air conditioners break down over the summer months than any other time.

If you don't want your air conditioners to fail during summer, you need to perform the necessary air conditioning maintenance. Not only could broken or dirty air conditioners stop functioning, they can cost you more on your power bill and cause permanent hearing damage.

If you or anyone in your family suffers from asthma, allergies, hay fever or respiratory and sinus problems, keeping your air conditioners functioning at optimum efficiency helps clear the air of dust and plant spores and prevent the spread of harmful particulates.

Aside from your usual air conditioning maintenance (cleaning the filters, checking the hoses, wiping dust and grime from the grill) you should have your air conditioner checked and serviced by a qualified professional.

If your air conditioning unit emits a burning smell, buzzes loudly, smokes or otherwise malfunctions, turn the power off immediately and seek help from a qualified air conditioning maintenance professional.